Preparing for Shark week

Today we were privileged enough to wake up at 8:00 for breakfast. Normally we are woken up at 7:30 by a bird alarm on Matej Sebo’s phone. 😉


After breakfast we packed up, and drove off to the middle terrain for our final training before the model events for the big races. Upon arrival we met a bunch of other teams getting ready for the same training. This was our last chance to get out on the middle terrain before the JWOC races. The objective of the training was to visit the parts of the map that we had troubles with. Addison decided to visit the far East side of the map. His reason being that after reviewing the aerial photos, and older maps on previous days, the East portion of the map was more comparable to the actual middle map.  (In the map below)map-lineo2   After the training, on the middle terrain, we drove back to the cabin for some free time and a couple of juniors hiked up to the top of the hill next to the cabin to get a better look at the long terrain. From the top, the view was fantastic. Not only were we able to sneak a peak of the long map, we also had an awesome view of the mountains in the background. willlong After Will, Addison, and Austin came back from their hike up the mountain it was time to receive the JWOC packets. This contained our Emit tag, model maps, touch free punching, and the final bulletin. Once we received our packets the emotions really set in. During the team meeting we talked about how it’s crazy that JWOC is already here. We’ve spent weeks preparing for this moment, but it never really set in how fast the races were approaching. After talking about how JWOC is already here, Erin asked the team what we were most nervous of going into the races, and how we think we can overcome this fear. Everyone had the same answer of it’s JWOC why wouldn’t we be nervous. Erin’s response shot everyone’s confidence through the roof and assured us that we are more than capable of running fast, clean races. He stated, “When you’re nervous, come back to the process on what it takes to run a clean race. We have been training here for two weeks on these maps and you guys have improved drastically. I have no doubt in my mind that you guys will preform well.”   P.S. Shark week is in 2 days!!!!!!!!!!!!


2 thoughts on “Preparing for Shark week

  1. A clarification on the bird: I only use it when absolutely necessary (i.e. when certain sleepyheads do not respond to verbal promptings). I most certainly do not use it every day. That said, my restraint has not stopped certain people from threatening to smash said bird…


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