Happy 4th of July!

We started today with the realization that during the night, our flag had been replaced by the British one. After coming back from breakfast, which was way more packed than usual, we found that the culprits were nice enough to leave our flag on the roof. We took the British flag down, and restored our flag to its prior glory, making it even higher than it was before.


Next up was the model event. Everyone went out on both the sprint and middle model, visiting some controls and checking out areas we were interested in, like the way features were mapped and how distinct and runnable different types of vegetation were. We talked about some things as we went, and kept running to a minimum.


After getting back from training we had lunch, which (finally!) was something different from sandwiches: pasta and meat sauce, made by the guys. After cleanup, we had a few hours of free time, which we spent playing euchre, watching tv, and napping.

By 4, it was time to head to the opening ceremony. After some standing around in the sun, we filed into the school’s gym. The ceremony included some dancers, musicians, and locals, welcoming us to Rauland and wishing us good luck.


Dinner, not the hamburgers we were hoping for, consisted of some interesting baked fish and pasta blend. Erin and Cristina were at the coaches meeting so we had our team meeting later than usual. We talked about what we’d noticed from the model training and important information for tomorrow’s race. We ended the meeting with some inspirational words from the coaches.

Everyone’s pretty excited and somewhat nervous for the sprint tomorrow. We’re heading off to bed early to get some rest before the first race!

Thanks to Morten’s parents for bringing the delicious strawberries and ice cream!



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