Day One: Sprint

Today was the much-anticipated first JWOC 2015 race! We started our day just before 8:00, quickly changing into our uniforms before heading down to breakfast. Seated alongside some friendly Canadians and South Africans, we shoveled in our morning meal and fixed up sandwiches as lunch to bring to the arena.

Our start times ranged from 11:31 (Evalin) to 1:53 (Will), so we were assigned different buses to bring us to the pre-start at the appropriate time. Before I left for my bus, I took a quick nap, reread the sprint section of the bulletin, and double-checked that I had everything I needed. Austin, Amanda, and I walked down the hill together to board our bus. We settled down for a 30 minute ride.

At the pre-start, we took advantage of the bathrooms (unfortunately the line for the girls’ was looooong) and warmed up. The start was a 1.3 km jog from the pre-start, which we had 10 minutes to do.

Unfortunately, with bobbles, sore throats, grass allergies, general tiredness, and injuries, it was in general an off day for Team USA. Julia, Matej, and I had good races, placing 66, 93, and 37 respectively. As a team, however, we are hoping for better races overall tomorrow.

Here’s some photos from today!


– Tyra


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