First day in Switzerland

Today was our very first day orienteering in Switzerland. After waking up in the hostel in Zurich, we ate breakfast, packed up our stuff and somehow managed to fit all of it into the two small cars we had rented. Next we were off to the hostel in Scuol, ready for the upcoming adventures. The two and a half hour drive to our destination was absolutely gorgeous.IMG_8671

Once we arrived at the hostel we realized that everyone that worked there was at lunch so we couldn’t check in yet. We all decided that we might as well get lunch so too. We walked across the street to a restaurant that had amazing food! Out of everything on the menu we all seemed to order some form of pasta. We went back to the hostel and were able to get the keys to our room. After settling in we went out for our first training in Switzerland!

We ran through a town with many small  alleys that messed us up to some extent. However it was such a fun training. We took the beautiful drive back to the hoste to eat dinner. The rest of our night consisted of our team meeting and playing a few card games. We were all pretty exhausted from the long day of travel and training, so we went to bed.

-Katie and Sarah


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