Skipping Rocks

Our second training day in Switzerland went really great! It seems that Julia might have come down with a cold, but so far she’s fine. The first of us woke up at around eight and went down to eat breakfast, and the rest came down sporadically when they were ready. After breakfast and a little time, we headed out for a little middle/relay training in the forest and hills of Switzerland.
The terrain here is really cool, you can see really far in the forests and running is nice, and it’s also quite hilly, so the contours are really useful. We had great fun with the training, and Mike’s knee is starting to feel better too, so that’s good.imageimage
We went down to the river in the area, ate lunch and had a rock skipping competition. The goal was to skip your rock in a way so that the rock would curve around the rock right to the left of Mike in the picture where he is posing oh-so-thoughtfully. Of course, Erin won, being the only one to do it…four times.imageimageimage

The hostel’s great, the food and water’s great, and the view is phenomenal. Most of us feel really good here, and we look forward to great training and good times in Suisse.


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