JWOC Recap

JWOC 2015 has come to an end!

Tuesday was the middle final, in which we had Amanda and Morten competing in the A final. Most people had better races than in the quali. After our races, we got to spectate the exciting finishes of the A final.


Wednesday was our rest day. Erin made breakfast, which consisted of bacon, eggs, and waffles, and was a nice break from bread. We did the long model on the Sauraai map, and spent the rest of the day relaxing.

Friday was our last race, the relay. The mens’ USA team 1 finished in 31st, and the womens’ USA team 2 came in 26th. Most of us had pretty good relay legs. After that came the coaches race. Cristina had a pretty good race, while Erin and Ethan didn’t do too well. Erin, however, had a pretty great finish.


As a team, we had improvement from past years. In the sprint, Tyra and Julia were 1st and 3rd, respectively, of USA results in the sprint, and Matej came in the top 100. In the middle, we had one A finalist of each gender, 4 B finalists for women, and 1 for men. Izzy came in the top 50 for the long, and we had 4 girls in the top 100 and 2 guys in the top 100. Although not everyone had a great race every time, we were able to refocus after making mistakes and keep on going. Everyone learned from this JWOC and we’re looking forward to the next one!



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