Swiss Long Training

Today was another long and very hot day in the sun. The temperature was hovering in the high 20s low 30s throughout our training session (that’s mid to high 80s for those at home), and the sun was beating down on us relentlessly. It didn’t help that at least the first few controls on our course were all in open fields above the tree line of our mountain. map   To back up a bit, today we did the long course of the set of training maps. The course lists 100-170 meters of climb, but that speaks nothing of some 1000 meters it takes to simply get to the start. Seeing that none of us were too keen on taking on that kind of climb, we decided to take the chairlift and gondola to the top of the mountain. lift After the training we ate lunch at the mountain’s mittelstation (restaurant halfway up the mtn), and then made our way back down to the cars, once again on the lift. After some quick naps we went for a walk along the river searching for a good place to swim and cool off. The river here in Pontresina move a lot of water very quickly, so we had to search for quite a while for a slow, safe section of river where nobody could get swept away. Eventually we found one such spot at the joining of two rivers, but unfortunately the water was unbelievably cold so didn’t make for too much fun bathing. Nonetheless we managed to make the most of our time there and had fun freezing in the stifling heat. girlsDSC_0069 DSC_0086


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